Student's Guideline


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Student's Guideline

Student's Guideline

I. Dormitory

  1. 1. Rooms are shared by 2 people each. Students are encouraged to look beyond their cultural differences through such arrangements. (In case you prefer to reside outside the campus, please consult with the school board before semester starts)
  2. 2. Library : the library can be used freely. Borrowing books from the library is possible applying in there.

II. Foreign health insurance

  1. Students are required to buy a traveler’s insurance plan before arriving in Korea OR an overseas students’ insurance plan after coming Korea.
    Division Pros Cons
    Buying a traveler’s insurance plan before coming to Korea. (Buying by yourself) - No payment for treatment (within a certain limit)
    - No additional process after the treatment
    - The insurance fee is relatively expensive.
    Buying an overseas students’ insurance plan after coming to Korea. (Provided by school.) (KB Insurance CO., LTD.) - The insurance fee is relatively inexpensive. - You are required to pay 10 ~ 20% of the medical fee (within a certain limit)
    - Every after getting treatment in the hospital, you need to submit a medical certification and receipt to the insurance company. After their screening, they will refund 80~90% of the medical fee.

III. Banking

  1. Bank services are available in Woori Bank that located behind the Heaven G Burger shop.

IV. Post information

  1. Parcels and letters can be sent to the SunHak UP Graduate school Office.

V. Telephone

  1. Emergency contact: Office accepts Fax and phone calls during the day. The dormitory accepts phone calls in the night.
    1. - Office phone No: +82-31-589-1570 / Fax: +82-31-589-1579 / E-mail :
      - Dormitory phone No: +82-31-589-1697 (1F) / 1698 (2F) / 1699 (3F)

VI. College entrance

  1. 1. We newly opened a special course for university entrance to support students who wish to study in University or graduate schools in Korea.
  2. 2. Also regular course students may consult with office if they wish to enter universities or graduate schools in Korea.
  3. 3. Entrance examination for colleges and universities in Korea are held every year in November.

경기도 가평군 설악면 미사리로 324-211 한국어교육원 / 전화 : 031-589-1570 / 팩스 : 031-589-1579
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